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Home Networks Page
In Built Technology for Your new Home

In some of the Apartments we have provided our Smart Home System.
At the heart of our Smart Home technology is the Home Network Sciences System. This is a small and unobtrusive cabinet that centralizes all the in built wiring structure in the house and manages the various systems including:

  • Telephones Secure Wired Cat5e
  • Internet Connection ( Broadband)
  • Computer Networks
  • CCTV* (optional)
  • Audio and Video Distribution (optional)

A smarter home is a place for everyone to live, work and play , and our intergrated Home Network Sciences System from Hellerman Tyton makes your home smarter.

The system gives you affordable multi room technology today and is ready for the digital services of the future.

The system has been designed especially for the residential market and offers the following features:


The telephone distribution system gives you sockets for telephones, fax machines and modems where you need them. Whether you want a home office in the spare room, or to just use a Laptop in the kitchen, the system is flexible enough to cope.

Internet Connection

Broadband Internet connections can be shared throughout your house with a secure wired connection that allows you to plug in a computer, game console or appliance into any one of the various points around the house. This can also be used in conjunction with a wireless system to allow for greater flexibility.

Broadband delivery is an important factor to consider both now and in the future. The Home Network Sciences System is Broadband ready and we can even arrange your connection.

Data Networking

Create your own Home Network. Your computers can exchange information and share printers. You can play
networked games between rooms and even with the neighbours over the Internet. A wirless connection added to this would allow you to use your laptop free of wires anywhere in the apartments. Our IT engineers can also provide and set up a secure wireless connection for you that will give you peace of mind for private documents etc...

Audio and Video(Optional)

With Home Network Sciences, Multi-Room Audio is an affordable luxury. You can listen to the Radio in the
shower, CDs in the kitchen and have HI-FI quality movies in the bedroom. An infra-red passing system gives you complete control. More information on this can be found in our Multi Room Video and Multi Room Audio sections.

CCTV (Optional Off Plan)

The HNS CCTV system lets you watch over your property day and night, see who’s at the door from the comfort of your armchair, keep an eye on the kids playing in the garden or monitor the baby in the nursery.

The development does, however have its own security system and CCTV in place and this is an optional extra that can be provided for Off Plan purchases only as extra wiring is needed to accommodate for this system.