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A Development with a Difference in the heart of Bronte Country

Bronte Square is a development with a difference - a development that is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to future proofing your new home.

Not only do we construct our homes from the best quality materials, we also can provide the very latest in High Tech Equipment to enhance your living environment.
Smart Home

In building these systems into a new home, we can accommodate for advances in technology making sure that your new home is prepared for whatever the future can throw at it.

The advance of network ready consumer appliances, digital storage, multi media servers and gaming consoles will have a great impact in the way that we access information and entertainment.

We have provided, and thought in depth about these advances in technology, now and in the future, and made every effort possible to make your living space as up to date as we can, and as attractive in the future to other potential buyers.

The technology we put in place TODAY and NOW , WILL be the requirements for the 'de facto' day to day living of the future.

We understand this, and have made this a priority in our design of the development in a whole.

We also understand and symapthise, that to some people that this may, or not, be at the top of the list when choosing a house.

But, by foreward thought, research and innovation , we hope and know, that this will be a beneficial and deciding fact of buyers in the future and beyond.

MP Burke Properties are proud of the fact that we put every effort into the housebuilding process, not only in materials but technologyas well. WE THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE!!

That is why we ensist on making our houses and apartments the best for today, and for years to come!!

Some apartments and houses have also been wired in the living area for 5.1 surround sound for Home Theatre. This can be be expanded to 7.1 for off plan purchases* at a small additional cost.

Many people are also wanting more control of their living environment , for lighting , heating, appliance control and security issues such as simulated occupancy.
Our Honeywell Hometronic System does just that and more.

All the basic system packages we offer can be wired to provide expansion for the future to suit your requirements

Our Smart Home technology consists of 4 major components: